Welcome to Socialisa a Social Media Agency based in Wirral, connecting small and medium sized business to customers through social networks.

What I Do

I design and manage social media campaigns across sites like Twitter and Facebook. My campaigns are all designed to connect you to potential customers, build brand awareness, and get your content shared. I help you connect to whats important.


Who I Am

I am Lisa, I am based within and work out of the Wirral. I love social media and how it is changing how people connect. Socialisa is my very own Social Media agency. I am looking to work with and promote local small business in Wirral.


Social Media Is Whats Important To People

I understand how to be successful using social media. I also understand every small business is different. Thats why my services are both scalable and flexible with no long term contracts.


We Get You Socialising Across All Platforms

We provide Social Media Training, We can Manage Full or Part campaigns for you and even provide Social Media Policies for staff.


Lets Get Social.

You can get in touch for more information on working with Socialisa - The #1 social media agency Wirral.